Looking for excellence in digital marketing and customer retention? We give your business the VIP treatment!

Digital Marketing Consulting

B VIP is committed to serving businesses with scalable, affordable solutions that you can rely on.

Build your brand awareness through creative content and outreach. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Content Curation/ Content Marketing

Let us free you from your content curation and marketing needs. We are able to create detailed articles which support your business and will set an affordable publishing schedule that promotes your products or services- you can also monitor our work with daily or weekly updates to focus on keywords and traffic flow.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Utilizing effective SEO allows your content to generate the preferred traffic due to effective keyword usage. It is important to have your content understood by search engine robots in order to have it properly displayed to intended users.

There are various forms of Search Engine Optimization- onsite and off site. First and foremost, we analyze your site structure so that there are no roadblocks in setting forth with an optimization strategy focused on revenue & search engine awareness while optimizing expenditures.

Customer Retention - Customer Services

Customer Retention / Customer Support

Did you know that increasing customer retention rates by 5 percent increases profits by 25 percent to 95 percent? B VIP’s service offerings go beyond the point of sale and curate customer relationships, creating loyal returning customers that spread awareness through their network or social channels.


E-mail Marketing

We’ve A/B tested subject lines and built campaigns for companies of all different shapes and sizes.

We can share exactly how to grow your list and increase revenues through email marketing campaigns.

We’ll manage your list, and ensure relevant email content is being delivered to your subscribers.

Pay Per Click Advertising Management Services

Many companies believe that successful online advertising campaigns can be profitable the day it begins but some take more than 6 months to have a positive return. Profit is what matters.

If you’re not making money from pay per click advertising, it’s time to pause your ads and re-focus.

We also curate free marketing opportunities while investing in pay per click advertising management services with various networks, or working directly with on-page advertisements from top-ranked websites.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing Services

We identify keywords that will result in conversions, and identify what your competitors are doing.

We create ads to and identify new areas of opportunity by monitoring account activity to see where we can improve improve conversions.

We deliver reports on all results- Daily, weekly, monthly.

Clients we have performed Content Marketing, Customer Support, Content Creation, E-Commerce Development include-